About the Wise Dream Interpreter

I've been interpreting dreams for 43 years nonstop.

About the Wise Dream Interpreter

About the Wise Dream Interpreter

My interest in the dream comes from my family. Our family's dream interpreter was my mother.

Every morning, we would tell my mother about the dreams we had and listen to her interpretation.

My mother's dream interpreter used to be her mother as well. I took my first dream interpretation lesson from my mother.

I read old books written about this field. Having read them, I broadened my perspective with regards to this field.

With a habit and gift coming from my family, I started to interpret dreams when I was a child. I've been interpreting dreams for 43 years nonstop. For many years I interpreted dreams for free.

Once the internet technologies became widespread, I started interpreting dreams over the internet with a fee.

Interpreting dreams is a good feeling.

When interpreting the dream, receiving global messages, knowing about the future beforehand by months and years time is a very different feeling.

Dreams have no language or religion.

Muslim, Christian, Jewish or a nonbeliever, it is no different for anyone.

The dream of every person is related to the society in which he lives and his own life.

It is a great responsibility to interpret the dream of all people living in our world, which has become a global village in the light of emerging technologies.

I have been successful in this field for 43 years and I wish to continue that way.

Hope to meet you in beautiful dreams…