Biden will hardly take over the USA!

Your dream points to extraordinary events, turmoil and upheaval in the USA.

Biden will hardly take over the USA!

Biden will hardly take over the USA!

Dream seen:

In my dream, I saw my sister who lives in the USA. My sister was lying in the bed, she was sick. She's got a jinn inside her. That's why she was in pain. When my father saw this situation, he immediately called a person who is a spiritualist. That person had videos on youtube. In these videos, he explains how he treats people who have gotten demons.

He gives information about the methods of keeping demons/bad spirits away from people.

That person tells my father what needs to be done over the phone to drive the demons away from my sister. He says: “There will be eight separate levels. We will say Allahuekber eight times. Each level will have special positive impacts on her.”

While the man talks about these, the lights of the room were flashing.

He says: “If you don’t mind I'll start treatment over the phone without physically being there.”. 

The man starts the treatment. Suddenly my sister's right arm starts to grow. It swells, swells, my father is very scared. My mother is also very scared.

My father immediately turns on his camera and records what is happening.

After that, my sister's other arm is starting to grow. The shape of her body becomes distorted.

Other hands came out of my sister’s belly. Her body is getting mixed up. Someone else's hands were wandering inside.

One head comes out of my sister’s chest. Supposedly the genie inside her died. He is thrown out. The shape of my sister's head is changing. It takes a terrible shape.

My father was very scared and ran away from that place. My mom was leaving too. I'm offended by my mom and dad. I say I will not go anywhere, I will not leave my sister alone.

My mom and dad pulled me out too. I said I will not leave my sister alone here. She needs us. However, eventually I left the room when they pulled me out.

In the meantime, I was sorry about why I did not resist stronger but left my sister alone.

After a while, we went back to my sister's bed. She had recovered but was very tired. Exhausted, sluggish. And offended us. She reproaches us for leaving her here alone. She showed her sadness to us.

Can you interpret my dream? I was very terrified. I was so scared.

06 January 2021

Dream Interpretation:

Biden will hardly take over the USA!

Your dream points to extraordinary events, turmoil and upheaval in the USA.

Trump did not accept the US elections, declared that he would resist.

The USA will go through the most difficult period in its history.

The accumulated internal problems will cause turmoil and the USA will be tired!

It will seriously lose its power and reputation.

The US coming to a similar line with Belarus in the democracy test will also shake the world balances.

The USA will lose great power.

Biden will take the chair, but the US will be exhausted.

The views we see in the Middle East and in Turkey generally, will be seen in the United States this time.

The old plane tree will suffer great damage!

This process may spread to Russia and CHINA after the USA.

Russia is also on its toes. Russia's invasion of Crimea caused panic in the countries of the region. The resistance of Belarus, the poisoning of Putin's rival politician and being treated in Germany triggered social faults.

Russia's erroneous strategy in Ukraine had affected both the US and Russia.

Now there will be internal turmoil in the USA. The masses that have been resentful for a long time will act and the country will bleed seriously.

The US crisis, experienced in a period when the global economic crisis deepens, will wreak havoc all over the world with the effect of the pandemic process!

The USA will not be able to recover for long.

Biden will take the chair after all this commotion.

It will take some time for the US to recover.

07 January 2021