We offer paid dream interpretation services

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We offer paid dream interpretation services


We offer paid dream interpretation services.

You can send your dreams by making your payment using the link Write Your Dream on our website.

Our Payment system is 100% secure. Do not worry.

Your dreams are interpreted and sent to your e-mail on the same day.

If you want your dream to be interpreted correctly and accurately, you must fill the information required in the Write Your Dream form completely and correctly.

It is the most important criterion to fill the information required on the form correctly for accurate dream interpretation.

Dream interpretations come true fast, since they are in the last period of the world called the End of Life. Sometimes it can take several months, or sometimes several years.

I'm not an astrologer. I only know of the dream interpretation field and meanings of the objects in dreams. I try to make accurate interpretations by following the actors, political and social events in the age we are in well.

After having examined your dream thoroughly, I will try to make the most accurate interpretation.

My advice to you is that you should not try to interpret your dreams by checking the dictionary on the Internet.

Dreams come true the way they are interpreted.

Dreams should be interpreted by competent interpreters.

Dream interpretation prices: 

  1. Dream Interpretation: BUY $95

  2. Dream Interpretation: BUY $165

  3. Dream Interpretation: BUY $225


Write your dream

Dream interpretations are made after the payments are checked and sent to your e-mail address.

Our goal is to make you happy by interpreting your dreams as soon as possible.

 In order to interpret dreams accurately, we need the following information:

Your age :

Your astrological sign :

Gender :

Marital Status :

Number of Kids :

Profession :

Business :

In prison :

Free :

Mother and Father are Alive :

Mother and Father are Dead :

Date of the dream:

Province-District-Country in which the dream was had :

The time of the dream - Early Morning - Night - Morning - Afternoon

You must write your dreams in plain and simple words. Do not go into unnecessary details.

The symbols and colors seen in the dream are very important. Always indicate symbols and colors.

Example: I saw an apricot tree. Apricots were not fully grown. The tree was small. The tree was too big. I ate two apricots.

There were / were no apricots in the tree. The leaves of the tree were green. There was / was no other fruit in the tree. Etc.