Your dream points to the Covid-19 pandemic experienced by humanity.

The effect of Covid - 19 treatment methods found by scientists will be limited.

Your dream points to the Covid-19 pandemic experienced by humanity.

Your dream points to the Covid-19 pandemic experienced by humanity.

Dream seen:

In my dream, I leave a place like school and enter a house. That house is like a brothel. In fact, there is a prostitute in one room of the house and other people in the other rooms. I don't understand what's going on in that house. There are different kinds of people.

I went there too. Some of the people in that house are murderers, and sadists who harm people come to the house and they try to kill them.

They attack me too. I also have friends in that building. Those murderous and sadistic people are trying to hurt my friends and me.

I do not know my friends in my dream, but I know that they are very close friends in my dream.

One black, one blonde, one tall, one Norwegian. More precisely, there are people from every country in the world. And those people are very close friends of mine.

I have an international circle of friends!

Those sadistic and murderous people are constantly attacking people. We're running from them in the tiny house. They laugh at us like psychopathic.

One of my friend has an electroshock gun in his hand. He gives electricity to one of the sadists with the gun and he kills. The man falls to the ground. I have a very sharp knife in my hand. I cut the man's neck with that knife. There is a lot of blood flowing. The flowing blood sucks and destroys the carpet on the floor.

 The man I cut off his neck is still trying to get up. I know he will hurt us after he stands up. That's why I cut off his neck completely and separate it from his body. Then more blood flows. And the sadistic and murderous man is dying.

 One of our friends passed out during the brawl and cannot wake up. We barely wake him up. We are five people inside. But new people are spawning inside. We are at home in such a way that we see people in ways we have never seen before.

 Those people are also trying to harm us!

 I am angry with myself, I ask myself how we did get to such a bad place and community. 

 I also ask myself why we came here, I say let's get out now.

 There, a man like a robot wants to prevent us from leaving the house.

 He doesn't speak at all, he wants to catch us and prevent us from going out.

 I have a thought that he will hurt us, but he does not act as if he will hurt us.

 He acts as if to tell us not to leave this house, do not go out.

 I'm saying that we have to get out of here urgently.

 I express that I regret coming to that house.

 We go out and notice that the whole world has been like this.

 During the time we spent in this house, the whole world became sadists, they killed innocent people.

 They torture many of them.

 They are killing many of them.

 There are no good people left. They killed them all.

 The dressing style of those people is also very interesting and weird. People are like the devil. 

As we step out of the garage door, I am shocked at seeing those people.

I think the man who does not want us to leave the house knew these and wanted to prevent us from leaving the house.

My friends say there's only one way to survive, we should dress like them, look like them. 

In a few seconds, we change our clothes and dress like those people. 

We start acting like them.

We say bad words to people around. We are attacking and rambling.

 I look to see if there are good people in the crowd. I'm looking for good people. Maybe there is, I think they might behave like us. That’s why I am looking around with that perspective.

Then I find a car.

 Many people have been killed. They also make some people who are not dying work like slaves.

 One of them is a black priest! There are little girls with the man.

 The children are in the police car.

 Those people are good people. I am very happy to see them.

 Then a friend of mine saw them, and they organize tours around the city for them.

 That's my friends' job! 

Bad people can't get close to people who are organizing tours!

 There is such an agreement with bad people. They don't harm them because they organize tours.

I see them and say that you take me away from here, to a place where there is no crowd.

One of the bad guys understands that I'm one of the good people too.

 I'm changing their car in such a way that I tell them This car is very small, I tell you, I will make your car very nice and powerful in a minute or two.

 I make the men's car like a tank. There were too many girls, they were sitting very tightly inside.

 I build the car so that all of them can sit.

 I also make armor on the outside of the car.

 I have a scoop made out of that armor like in business cars. That bucket is so strong that it carries containers.

 I don't know where I am at that moment. I look at my wife and children, I cannot see.

 In short, I become one of those people.

Dream interpretation 

Your dream points to the Covid-19 pandemic experienced by humanity. The place that you saw represents Europe, and you are representing a citizen of Turkey. Therefore, the interpretation of your dream has become easier and more clear.

 The house you entered in your dream points to your home, it also points to the country and city you live in. The prostitute in that house points to the problems to be experienced in family life all over the world.

 Murderous and sad-spirited people point to the Covid-19 virus and all microbes and viruses that have mutated. It points out that people who are infected will endanger the lives of normal people and massive amounts of deaths will occur.

 It seems likely that you are also going to be affected by the virus pandemic.

 Your international circle of friends points to scientists around the world who are fighting with viruses.

 The effect of Covid - 19 treatment methods found by scientists will be limited. The knife that you are holding and killing the guy with in your dream points to the Turkish doctors Dr. Özlem Türeci and Prof. Dr. Ugur Sahin and the vaccine found by them. If you kill the bad guy with a knife, It clearly points out that the vaccine found by Uğur Şahin will be highly effective.

 Other found vaccines and treatment methods will not be as effective as the vaccine he found, and that viruses will threaten human life again.

 The flowing blood points to the income in the vaccine industry. The absorption of the flowing blood by the carpet indicates the absorption of Covid-19 income by big capital owners.

 Your dream points to the psychological problems people will experience in their homes and family lives, the demands of going out and the depression that humanity will experience.

 Your dream indicates that people will not listen to scientific data, advice and restraint decisions after a while and that big street movements will happen.

 Your dream points to a huge amount of deaths and large masses of people struggling for treatment in hospitals.

 On the other hand, the priests and girls you see in your dream indicate that good news will come despite everything and that humanity will manage to get rid of the Covid-19 virus and its mutations.

 Your dream indicates that poor people, people in poor countries, will be negatively affected by this process, and organizations such as the UN and the EU will take steps to help people in trouble.

 Converting a regular car to a tank, adding an armor to the tank, expanding the tank to make it fit for all girls, making a bucket to the armored tank like a heavy construction equipment, having the bucket is strong enough to easily carry containers clearly indicate that Turkish doctors will find more effective vaccines and treatment methods and that the treatment of Covid-19 will provide great benefits to humanity.

 Your dream clearly points out that the vaccines and treatment methods that Turkish doctors will find will be used all over the world and most people will be recovered with the vaccine.

 Your dream also points to the extraordinary events that caused the Covid-19 pandemic.

 The sadistic and murderous people you see in your dream indicate that the injustices and inhuman actions against the communities living in Africa, the Middle East, Arabia, East Turkistan and the former USSR countries triggered the troubles and sufferings similar to Covid-19.

 Wandering in people and looking for good people clearly point out that the global selfishness of the society, ruthlessness, moving away from the essence of the heavenly religions, distancing from the sharing culture of powerful states and for all these reasons, as a divine warning, Covid-19-like diseases punish humanity.

Scientists will study, research and find treatment methods. 

In addition, humanity has to tidy itself up, rediscover the Supreme Creator it has forgotten and the mercy.

Unless humanity returns to its essence, it will not get rid of disasters. Although they have everything, they won’t be happy.

  Since there is a Turkish-Muslim person who is looking for good people and since the place is a Christian country in your dream,  your dream points that the salvation of humanity will be possible only if Christianity and Islam be united.